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For example, you could use it to override native j Query methods without actually affecting the methods that other users would interact with – or even create encapsulated APIs for your plugins that avoid namespace collision.

Here is a sample of adding a method to a j Query sub so that it isn’t exposed externally: More information about j Query.sub() can be found in the API documentation.

So, without further ado, what’s changed in j Query 1.5?

Easily the largest change in this release is the complete rewrite of the Ajax module in j Query.

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j Query now exposes a new way in which you can create and modify a clone of j Query – all while still taking advantage of the full j Query API.We’ve seen some solid file size improvements while using it so we’re quite pleased with the switch.As always we want to thank everyone that helped with this release – without your contributions this release would not have been possible.The test suite (which now has 4437 tests) passes in all the browsers that j Query supports – and more.We verified the suite passing all of the following browsers: Additionally all of the API documentation for the release can be found on the API site: j Query 1.5 API Documentation.

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