Tyrese and sanaa lathan dating

They’d rather run up on Tyrese while he’s on a date!

Yesterday evening, a video guy from the site, stalked Tyrese outside of a Cheesecake Factor in Topanga where he found him leaving a date with actress Sanaa Lathan.

PHOTOS: Celebrity couples According to one source, Lathan, 43, met Khloe Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, 30, through the mogul, 45. “They’re having fun.” Another source tells Us that French and Lathan have bonded over music.

The actress recently partnered up with producer Detail for her first single, “Emotional,” thanks to French.

Could it be Gibson is feeling the need to prove his straight hood announcing a girlfriend?

Here is what we are hearing about the Fast and Furious star and his new lady since Spanky Hayes has been taking shots of the Transformer star on You Tube: After six years of dating on and off the public got to see the hottest couple in Hollywood enjoy a beautiful dinner date.

Later in the evening, Sanaa posted a picture of herself to Instagram, showing off her new jeans, and sources say it was taken in Tyrese’s house.PHOTOS: Rebound romances Lathan, who also voices Donna Tubb on during an interview on Monday, Sept. When’s the last time that we saw Tyrese or Sanaa Lathan in a relationship? Well maybe it’s because they’ve been secretly dating each other all along………Tyrese had no comment when asked about Spanky or his relationship with Sanaa, and looked rather annoyed, however later that night Sanaa posted a selfie of herself inside of Tyrese’s home.This isn’t the first time the two would have been publicly spotted leaving a date night together: Back in 2008, Tyrese and Sanaa were spotted leaving a premiere in what looks like a date night.

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