The vampire diaries 4x07 online dating

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Stefan walks down the hallway and looks over at a police officer standing guard at one of the doors to a patient's room. Suddenly, Jeremy wakes up in his own bed at night in a cold sweat. The two men walk out of the room together, but Damon gives Elena one last look. Outside, Damon and Shane walk past the tables set up for the pageant.] Damon: Hey, no pity votes for April Young, okay?Caroline also looks around for Jeremy but keeps a large smile on her face.Matt walks up to where the escorts were lined up and holds out his arm for April.He walks over to another room and looks at a man lying in a hospital bed. So, you're gonna keep turning until it doesn't hurt and you'll have nothing to be grateful for. Jeremy suddenly pulls the necklace tight around Elena's neck and chokes her. A wooden stake with the hunter's mark on it is grasped in his hand.He picks up his clipboard and reads that he has quadruple bypass complications. Elena gasps for air and feebly attempts to push Jeremy off her. He looks up, scared and confused.] [In the morning, Matt is sitting in Jeremy's room with a folder in his hand.

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