Sissy sex company some type of toddler dating ritual

If Ron Ron was down there it meant that his sissy, Carla, was out on the stroll too; great, more competition for me if she was. Then I saw one of the rigs quickly flash his lights. The trucker was sitting with the window rolled down, smoking a cigarette.

I could also see the white lace-trimmed hem of my black satin maid's dress. My wife and mistress lifted one dainty foot, and I slipped the gossamer-thin, lace-paneled, black silk panties up to her ankle, and then repeated it when she lifted the other foot.

I wanted to grab her and kiss her beautiful pussy so badly it almost made me cry, but I dared not.

She sat down on the bed, and I rolled the sheer black stockings up her legs, then she stood, and turned around, so I could fasten the black silk garter belt around her waist, and attach the straps to the tops of her stockings, running the garter straps under her panties as ordered.

Usually I'm wearing butt baring short shorts, a bikini top or halter top, and high heels. The only thing I'm allowed to keep is my little clutch purse, in which I keep my lipstick, condoms, and lube. After a few minutes I heard him mumble, "Cops." Sure enough they shined a light into his face. We crawled into the sleeper and he took off all of his clothes. As we made out I was playing with his hard on and balls. It smelled pretty clean so I began eating out his hairy asshole. Suddenly he said, "Ok, baby, turn around, get on your knees." He mounted me from behind, kissing on my neck and chewing my ears. I reached down behind me through my legs and grabbed his dick, guiding to the mouth of my ass hole. His strong hands were pinching on my titties as he began fucking me with long, slow strokes.

Once we pay the 5 bucks to get into the back, where the video booths are, he walks me straight to booth # 11. There I take off all of my clothes except for my high heels and my black 2-piece string bikini. Then he takes my arm and pulls me close to him and kisses me on the mouth. He rolled down his window and told them he was just resting before getting back on the road. He reached down and pulled some bills from his pocket and counted out 4 more twenties. He was about 6 feet tall, a lot of muscles and tattoos, and he had a shaved head. I opened my mouth and took his tongue into my mouth. He pushed my head down between his hairy legs and I began blowing him again, sucking his cock and nuts. I could feel his legs shaking and his entire body tensed.

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