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Collected data were analyzed using a factorial experiment and means were compared by DMRT method by SPSS software.

Results indicated that proline and soluble sugar were significantly affected by salinity levels and increased with salinity increase.

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Bashir, “Hydrological Studies For Small Hydropower Planning”, Paper Presented At Training Of Trainers Workshop On “Small Hydropower Development Initiative And Capacity Building”, Organized By UNIDO, ECN and AIRBDA at Anambra-Imo River Basin Development Authority, Owerri on 26-. This BOD/COD ratio means low biodegradability of treated leachate. Transient response characteristics for the processes are evaluated and discussed.“Olivieri G., Russo M. This study had two parts of greenhouse and natural habitats. Zandi, “Phenological Effects on Forage Quality of Salsolaarbuscula, Salsolaorientalisand Salsolatomentosain Three Habitats in the Central Part of Iran”, Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research 11, 2012, pp.915-923. Marschner, “Mineral Nutrition of Higher Plants”, Academic Press, London, 1995. E., Marzocchella A., Salatino P., 2011, Modelling of an aerobic biofilm reactor with double-limiting substrate kinetics: bifurcational and dynamical analysis, Biotechnol. The treatment solutions for salinity tests were different concentrations of Na Cl and Na2SO4 (0, 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 m M) with three replicates and growth parameters and proline and soluble sugar were determined in vegetative growth stage in greenhouse. This system detects the lane and avoids accidents in a significant manner, still very affordable by using cost effective modules. Archana Shinde, “Tracking system using GPS and GSM: practical approach”, International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 3, Issue 5, May-2012S. Renewable and sustainable options for electric power generation have become attractive to many nations. The optimum p H of alum coagulant for leachate treatment was 6.5. This paper provides the experience of applying an advanced version of our former dynamic power suppression technique (DPST) on multipliers for high-speed and low-power purposes. Wu, “Minimization of switching activities of partial products for designing low-power multipliers,” IEEE Trans. These statistics triggered a big concern and hence this system was conceived. 2, Issue 4, April-2013Shival Dubey and Abdul Wahid Ansari, “Design and development of vehicle anti-collision system using electromagnet and ultrasonic sensors”, International Journal on Theoretical and Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering ISSN: 2319 – 3182, Volume-2, Issue-1, 2013Sameer Darekar, Atul Chikane, Rutujit Diwate, Amol Deshmukh, Prof. A, “A design and implementation of Collision Avoidance System (CAS) for automobiles using embedded system”, 2011 International Conference on Circuits, System and Simulation IPCSIT vol.7 (2011)P. Anbuselvi, “Design of an enhanced ACC for collision detection and prevention using RTOS”, 2009 International Conference on Advances in Computing, Control, and Telecommunication Technologies Abstract: Power generation in developing nations is a vital index for the socio-economic development of these countries. In the same treatment method experiment results reveal that 75% of ammonia removal is achieved in 6 days aeration period mainly due to air stripping process and in total 98% removal is achieved in 15 days aeration period. Effect of Season, Substrate Composition and Plant Growth on Landfill Leachate Treatment in Constructed Wetlands. Abstract: The DPST has been applied on both the modified Booth decoder and the compression tree of multipliers to enlarge the power reduction.

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