I8910 phone updating error

TTG is build from the average speed of the current track. When on a track always the position is in the center. When back from the list the map view and track or route are set to the map dimensions.

Then in the waypoint menu a new entry is shown - 'Define Waypoint'. Set the current waypoint as new position - this only works in offline GPS mode. It defines a position and when leaving an area of ~ 50 meter an alarm sounds. The border is made point by point in its normal order. If the background color is white this it use as transparency. Sample: 96x32 with text: Geocache|Traditional Cache Geocache|Multi-cache Geocache|Unknown Cache geotoad -f gpx -q coord "N40 45.0, E014 30.0" -y 5 gets all point inside 5 miles around the coords. With this format it's possible handle maps dimensions greater than phone memory.Normalize Track - The counted track values Max Alt, Min Alt, Avg Speed and so on are calculated from the GPS values which you normally receive every second. This enables the sirf commands for power save and additional data sentences (GLL, VTG).The track values for position and time are saved in the selected matter. All other programs for track interpretation will get another result as this program shows. For the power save command is no answer, so when we start the status is undefined.(3rd and 5th Generation only) sample areas CTR in Germany data subdirectory pics. To define own pictures rename this an place a new icons.* file here. How to design a bsb file: Download this package from libbsb.and read the description.The bitmap must assigned as tif format and must have less than 128 colors You will need a template file like this, edit only the red part.

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