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Well, you were asking me about how I masturbate, there, uh, so yeah.Until they finally take action, there is unfortunately very little you can do about this problem other than restrict messages to only those that are in your contact list.I wish I could say I have but I haven't - I've only seen them on television or in the movies.Right, so anyway, most of the time, if they can get their middle fingers into their vaginal entry, for pleasuring themselves, they'll sometimes, if they can reach, they might put all of their fingers in there or if it fits their whole hand?Not too many men are picky about how tight it is, I mean like you know, if you end up going, "Oooh, that's so TIGHT." Yeah, but they're not going to be too picky about how tight it is.

What I learned from porn #3 But anyway as I was saying you know, just as you know, when you masturbate, you don't have to use your fingers, you could like, uh, find something that's like, you could use like a banana, or a pickle, I mean, it would be a waste of a fruit, but if you used a banana, you could still eat the insides.

Me and my sex doll #1: It well, also works that way if you're doing it with, uh, if you get yourself, what they call, uh, um, a sex or love doll?

Uh, well, now just to let you know we have the trust between each other, and I can tell you are who you are through your voice, and you can tell who I am through my voice, and you just saw me over the webcam, I s'pose I can tell you, uh, have you ever seen a picture of, uh, a man's penis?

Yeah, we actually have a local one over here in Charlottesville, it's called, uh it's called Bliss, I think it is.

Yeah, just imagine having this up your vagina, and uh, it vibrating.

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