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But they wanted to be ‘Germans’ first and only secondly ‘Europeans’.Two thirds of voters shared that view and voted against the statute.From 1955 onwards, alternatives to a ‘Europe of nations’ were given very little serious consideration in the European integration process.The CVP, the SPS and ‘European movements’ say yes to the statute, because they are in favour of Europe and because the statute will finally bring peace between Germany and France, it is a cipher for Europe, and a vote for the statute will be a general vote for Europe.A European solution to the Saar question was first put forward in detail in Marinus van der Goes van Naters’ Council of Europe plan in 1952.Two years later, French Prime Minister Pierre Mendès-France and German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer agreed, in the Paris Treaties of October 1954, to Europeanise Saarland and bring it under the newly created Western European Union.But 23 October 1955 marked such a dramatic turning point in political opinion that from then on everything led to the integration of Saarland into the Federal Republic as rapidly as possible.

Plans to make Saarland the first Europeanised state, the forerunner to a united Europe and home of centralised European institutions, swiftly came to fruition in the Saar government.

There was strong support for the Saar ‘Nouvelles Équipes Internationales’ and ‘Europa- Union’.

Europe became a symbol of hope, which was even used in advertising (‘Europe engine oil’).

In 1951 Saarbrücken applied to become the seat of the European Coal and Steel Community.

A year earlier, the regional university founded in 1948 was designated the European university by its new rector, Jean-François Angelloz.

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