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In this author’s ideological rendering, the Chinese collectivist-administrative state didn’t manage women’s lives intimately enough.

The state, apparently, didn’t have enough responsibility.

Even Hillary Clinton, way back when she was first lady, criticized China for its poor treatment of women.

It’s difficult to imagine a more demeaning and crude and crass violation of a most basic human right: the right to reproduce.

Moreover, among undesired girls who were at least fortunate to be born, many parents opted to abandon their baby girl at an orphanage.

Notice that the vast majority of Chinese children raised by adoptive American parents are girls.

But not the folks at the assessment, quoting a Chinese communist grandmother. The piece stems from an increasingly predictable and lamentable set of assertions being pushed by the political left in regard to communism. The author argues that Mao’s totalitarian state didn’t quite go far enough into the home.

To wit: communism graciously delivered women into the workforce, communism generously took care of women’s (burdensome) children in daycare centers, communism bestowed upon women magnificent new rights (read: abortion), communism handed women great “free” education, and communism generally turned the lucky woman worker-bee of the Proletariat into a dazzling new Communist Woman. The chairman and his central planners didn’t do enough in freeing women of their children and household chores.

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