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Even breaking the windows anyways, he still refuses to open the doors. One of the rusty, falling-apart cars that occasionally spawn.

The car will still take cosmetic damage, such as dents and scrapes (even to the point of impeding functions, such as a wheel well being destroyed). This combines the qualities of bulletproof, fireproof, explosionproof, and damageproof. Now that even locked cars can be jacked by breaking the windows, UJ means that Niko will simply refuse to break the windows and get in.

Vehicles that were pointed out to be, but where I was given no strategy to obtain it often lead to me developing the strategy, although most will have the same entry for Discovered and Formulated by.

Formulated by - This is who informed me of the strategy to obtain the vehicle.

Unlockable - This term in my guide denotes a vehicle that is only infinitely available either through story missions and/or by unlocking it at some point through the story, whether by completing a mission, finishing a side mission, or even a vehicle that is only available during a side mission, but is repeatedly available by doing the mission over and over at your leisure.

These are some of the key improvements in the GTA IV PC release: - Enhanced graphics & details - Improved draw distance - The multiplayer now supports 32 players - In-game video editor that will allow players to upload video clips to the Rockstar Social Club website Smashing news!Easy Rider 100 Finish The Story Full Chat 70 Your backup are riding at their best! Ofcourse, Rockstar Games is working around the clock solving these issues and an error list has been released.If you are one of those unfortunate people, check out our error and solution list here. Unique - This vehicle is unique and found in story missions only, or other limited-time availability missions, and thus can be missed altogether. Used in the first nine levels of the Little Jacob's drug delivery missions. This is probably not a necessary entry, but I figured I'd add it just in case.

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