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The forces visiting Essex were Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk.

Motorbikes, marked and covert cars and specialist units were brought together for the operation, which was centred on Moto Services at West Thurrock.

Black Helicopters - ACPO's company vehicle it seems! Three weeks later I received a parking ticket for the bike, which had been given the DAY AFTER it was nicked, parked in the NEXT STREET. Of which, roll out will commence in phases 8 and 9. Wear a t-shirt with your/random number plate image on it. All they record is an image of a number plate, it has no idea if it's a real number plate or not.

This might involve walking along a busy road though.

Officers gave him water before he was arrested into the care of the UK Border Force.

Adam Pipe, casualty reduction manager for Essex Police, said that Operation Alliance was developed to detect and deter criminals using the roads and also to improve road safety.

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I explained I was 2 miles from home thankyou very much.Twelve vans and cars were seized for being uninsured and one vehicle was confiscated because the driver had his licence revoked in connection with an immigration matter. A number of driver hours offences were detected when HGVs were examined at the check site.Fourteen vehicles were found to have no Mo Ts, two people were stopped for using mobile phones and eight for not wearing seat belts. One driver was fined £400 and had his articulated truck clamped for 11 hours after it was found he had not taken a full break for three days.I'm not at all sure that accidents were reduced but I'm sure the Notts police can tell you if they are not busy passing exam answers to colleagues, shoplifting or making John Terry look more than a little innocent in relation to his sexual misdemeanors.1: Car cloning of legit cars means they cant easily track criminals or other persons of interest.

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