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Also, the banks can withdraw money from their central bank account in the form of bank notes, to keep them ready for customers who ask for them.The sale of securities to the central bank is not an ordinary sale.Thank you in advance in the name of the thousands of people who will be able to read your translation. This extremely lucrative trick incites the bankers to supply as many loans as possible, but there is more. Banks need only a little bit of money to pay the differences between incoming and outgoing payments among them.Please contact: Rudo de [email protected] cancer of bankers Rudo de Ruijter Independent researcher Netherlands In The magic of bankers you have been able to read how bankers create balances for loans with a simple line of bookkeeping. There are specific growth impulses which makes it impossible to stop the growth of the outstanding loans. [1] They also need some money for customers who ask for bank notes, for instance at ATM's.In a general way, the number of defaulters increases exponentially with the increase of the interest rate.When the interest rate is 6 percent and the inflation 2 percent, this equals a net interest of 4 percent.The fact that each time the central bank demands more money back than it has initially created, means that the banks never have enough money to buy back the securities.They have to sell more securities to buy back the preceding ones. To compensate these costs they will have to generate more income, thus supply more loans all the time.

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The Consumer Price Index can never exceed the increase in income of the average household. [2] With inflation the borrowers have the advantage that the worth of the principal they have to pay back decreases over time.

When the inflation is 2 percent, it can be compared with 2 percent less interest.

Banks obtain this money by selling securities (like state obligations / treasury bills) to the central bank, where each bank has an account.

The latter then adds the value into the account of the bank.

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